Best Tools To Level Books

Best Tools To Level Books | Rachel K Tutoring Blog


Whether you need to level your classroom library, or just a few books at home, these Best Tools To Level Books can definitely save you some time, and your sanity! These apps and websites are so helpful by providing you with scanning features, search functions, charts, and more.



Scholastic Book Wizard Mobile – Free

This is an easy to use app with scanning and search features, as well as a book list you can create and share.



BookLeveler – Free

In this app you have to level …

Top Ten Educational Boards

Top 10 Educational Boards | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

Pinterest is a great way to find educational activities and ideas, especially in these top 10 educational boards! I admit I am a little bit obsessed with Pinterest, but I love how easy it is though. I can quickly find something I pinned a long time ago, and I can organize everything in different categories. I think it’s so much easier and efficient than just bookmarking those websites. I would have a whole mess of bookmarks, that’s for sure. So thank you Pinterest for making …

Summer Reading Activities

Summer Reading Activities | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

Try out these summer reading activities to keep kids excited and motivated to read during these summer months! It’s never too late to jump into these activities.


1. Go on a library scavenger hunt. Find book titles only starting with a certain letter, or books in a particular category like nature or family. The possibilities are endless, and it’s a great way to get familiar with the library and how to find books. Try this library scavenger hunt from What Do We Do All Day.

2. Summer Reading Calendar …

10 Favorite Mo Willems Books

10 Favorite Mo Willems Books | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

One of my favorite children’s authors is Mo Willems. He has some incredibly humorous and fun books that I just adore. I love the simple cartoons and adorable stories. They are great for young readers, but you’ll find older kids and even yourself laughing along! Mo Willems has quite a few books out, but here are my favorite 10. Click on the pictures to purchase them on Amazon.

(I am not being endorsed/paid to write about these books, I just really love them!)


Don’t Let the Pigeon …

All About Whiteboards

All About Whiteboards | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

Whiteboards, or dry-erase boards, are a great tool to use in education, whether it’s in a whole group, small group, or one-on-one. I love to use whiteboards in my tutoring since paper and pencil can get a tad boring. Keep on reading for more reasons to use whiteboards, where you can get them, and great activities!


Why Use Whiteboards?

  • They provide a great way to quickly assess students’ understanding.
  • They are engaging.
  • They save some trees.
  • Less grading to do!
  • No prep! Just have a special place to store them, and …

15 Ways To Battle The Summer Slide

15 Ways To Battle The Summer Slide | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

What Is The Summer Slide?

You may have heard about the summer slide, and I don’t mean that fun green one. The summer slide refers to students losing retained information over the summer months due to the lack of practicing skills. In the fall, teachers spend a lot of time reteaching material that has been lost over the summer. I encourage you to do your own research, but here are a few statistics I have found:

  • Most students can lose about 2 months of math skills over the summer …

Summer Math Activities

Summer Math Activities | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

Have kids work on math skills all summer long with these Summer Math Activities! If kids aren’t practicing their skills over the summer, they can forget a lot of what they have learned in the school year (this is called the summer slide). This doesn’t mean you have to make kids sit still with a worksheet everyday. Try some creative ways to sneak in math whenever you can!

1. Outdoor Number Line Activity

2. Basketball math – toss the ball back and forth while skip counting, practicing multiplication …

10 Ways To Stay Organized This Summer

10 Ways To Stay Organized This Summer | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

How will you stay organized this summer? School is already out, or it will be soon, and you’re swamped with papers, books, projects, clothes, you name it. Stuff can just pile up fast. Whether you are a teacher, a parent, or both, check out these 10 ways to stay organized this summer:

1. Keep a family calendar in the kitchen or another high traffic area. Print out a simple paper one, or use a fancy chalkboard or dry erase board. It can be as simple or complicated …

Free Apps & Websites

Free Apps & Websites | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

You don’t want to miss out on these free apps and websites, all in one place! You can integrate them in lessons and reviews, or just do them for fun! They are great for rainy days this summer or long trips.


These lists are loaded with free apps:

Free Math Apps By Grade Level

Free Apps For Teachers

Free Elementary Language Arts Apps

Free Elementary Math Apps


These lists have all kinds of amazing websites:

Fun K-5 Websites

10 Websites for Social Studies

Language Arts Websites

10 Science …

Summer Writing Activities

Summer Writing Activities | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

Keep writing going all summer long with these Summer Writing Activities! It’s so beneficial for kids to keep practicing their writing skills throughout summer so they don’t forget what they previously learned. They will go into the next school year with these writing practices fresh in their minds. These summer writing activities can be done on vacation, or right at home. Give them a try!

1. Chalk Writing – Summer is the best time for sidewalk chalk! Kids can write their names, poems, a message to someone, and …

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