15 Ways To Battle The Summer Slide

15 Ways To Battle The Summer Slide | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

What Is The Summer Slide?

You may have heard about the summer slide, and I don’t mean that fun green one. The summer slide refers to students losing retained information over the summer months due to the lack of practicing skills. In the fall, teachers spend a lot of time reteaching material that has been lost over the summer. I encourage you to do your own research, but here are a few statistics I have found:

  • Most students can lose about 2 months of math skills over the summer months.
  • Students usually score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer compared to the same tests at the beginning of summer. 
  • Low-income students can also lose more than 2 months of reading skills.
  • Parents are more likely to pay attention to reading in the summer, and not math.
  • Summer loss was greatest in math and spelling.
  • Summer learning loss is cumulative.

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15 Ways To Battle The Summer Slide:

1. Take as many field trips as you can! These can be fun learning experiences. Talk about what you have learned at each place, and write about it in a field trip journal.

Example field trips:

  • Museums
  • Parks & gardens
  • Nature trails
  • Historic landmarks
  • Factory tours
  • Libraries
  • Nature centers
  • Zoo
  • Try virtual field trips!

2. Check out these free summer reading programs. What a great way to kick off the summer!

3. Keep a schedule throughout the summer with routines and structure. This can be more difficult with vacations and travel, but even then, try to have some kind of schedule, even if it’s very simple. This will make it easier to fit in learning opportunities.

4. Practice math skills at a restaurant, garage sale, grocery store, cooking at home, and playing outside. Even just a few minutes every day can make a difference! Here are more math activities for the summer.

5. Summer tutoring can do wonders! Even if your child is not falling behind at all, it’s still helpful to get prepared for the fall. Find out more about the benefits here.

6. Make your own summer learning bucket list. Try to incorporate learning wherever you go this summer, and check things off your list once you do them. You can find ideas here for your list.

7. Try these Summer Writing Activities.

8. Make going to the library a habit and priority! Free books and resources are all at your fingertips. Plus check out any programs they’re doing throughout the summer. If kids are old enough, have them get their own library cards and learn about being responsible.

9. Get involved in summer programs at schools or community based organizations.

10. Learn with Sidewalk Chalk

11. Try these Math and Reading Sidewalk Chalk Activities. You really can’t go wrong with chalk!

12. How to organize summer learning activities for kids

13. Talk to your child’s teachers and see if you can get any summer packets or activities to work on during the summer.

14. Try these summer science activities!

15. Summer Learning Day Resources for Families


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