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FREE Back To School Poem!

Enjoy reading this FREE poem during this back to school season! Poetry is such a fun way for kids to work on their reading fluency. This poem comes in color and black and white. The colored version is great as a poster or to put in a poetry book. The black and white version will be fun to color in!

–> Click here to download from my Tpt store for free!

Want a poetry book template for your students to write their own poems? Check out …

My Thankful List

My Thankful List | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

What are you thankful for? While we should be thankful every day throughout the year, November always motivates me even more to stop and think about what I’m thankful for. And I so can’t believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner! November sure if flying by. Since I love lists, I decided to make a thankful list of course!


My Thankful List: (in no particular order)

1. My sweet husband and our little one on the way.

2. Coffee!

3. The smell of new books

4. My friends near and far. Whether we …

Back to School Gift Ideas

Back to School Gift Ideas | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

Go back to school with these creative teacher gift ideas! What a nice gesture to start off the year! Even if your school year has already started, a small gift would still be appreciated and probably be a great surprise. If you can include items that are on a classroom supply list, then that’s an extra bonus! Teachers usually have a very small supply budget and most things come out of pocket. These little gifts will definitely be appreciated!

1. DIY Pencil Vase from Love of Family …

25 Activities To Inspire Gratitude

25 Activities To Inspire Gratitude | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

Try these 25 activities to inspire gratitude at home or in the classroom! These activities focus on being thankful in fun and creative ways. They really get kids thinking of what it means to be thankful, and give different ways to show it. I would suggest using these activities for grades K-5, and you can always tweak them to fit the needs of your students/children. Many of them come with ready to print FREE printables too – so handy!


1. Thankful Things Writing Activity from Sunny Days in …

Top Turkey Crafts & Activities

Top Turkey Crafts & Activities | Rachel K Tutoring Blog


In this list of Top Turkey Crafts & Activities, you’ll find 30+ fun crafts and activities that are perfect for November! These are FREE and super creative! Most of these activities are great for Pre-K to 3rd grade levels, and a few are for 4-6th grade levels. Many of them can be customized to suit the needs of your students. Try these out in the classroom or at home for some great turkey fun!

Turkey Crafts

Book Page Turkeys from Housing a Forest

Bubble Wrap Printed Turkey Craft for Kids

20 Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

20 Thanksgiving Writing Prompts | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

Use these 20 Thanksgiving writing prompts all November long! These prompts will get kids thinking about being thankful, the first Thanksgiving, and family traditions. There are a few silly prompts thrown in there as well. Grades K-5 can use these prompts, and they can always be tweaked for various skill levels. Try using one prompt a day leading up to Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Writing Prompts:

1. What is the best thing about Thanksgiving?

2. Make a list of 20 things you are thankful for.

3. Describe Thanksgiving with your five senses.

4. What …

Fall Books

Fall Books | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

“Fall” in love with these fall books – over 40 to choose from! Kids can get cozy at home or in the classroom with these fall favorites. They are organized into these fall categories: Leaves, Pumpkins, Apples, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. These books are mostly for K-5, depending on skill levels, and many make great read-alouds! Click on the images and the links will take you to Amazon so you can get a good look and description of each book. Some of these …

Top Fall Math Activities

Top Fall Math Activities | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

“Fall” in love with these Top Fall Math Activities! In this list you’ll find FREE ideas and activities, from pumpkins and ghosts, to turkeys and candy corn. Most of these activities provide free printables that are ready to print and go! They can be used in math centers, for review, tutoring sessions, or just for fun at home. I hope you “fall” in love with all these fun activities as I did!

Top Fall Math Activities

1. Candy Corn Counting – No Time For Flashcards

2. Gobble …

20 Fall Writing Prompts

20 Fall Writing Prompts | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

Are your students stuck with what to write about this fall? Try these 20 fall writing prompts to get them started! Use these fall prompts for writing workshop, centers, extra writing practice, or just for fun at home. These prompts are appropriate for grades K-5, and you can always tweak them depending on skill level. Have students brainstorm their ideas by drawing pictures, making lists or maps, or discussing with a partner or group. These are sure to get students’ creativity going!

Fall Writing Prompts:

1. Describe the first …