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Free Picturebook App

Free Picturebook App | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

I love to use this free Picturebook App to work on writing, typing, and reading skills! Kids will have so much fun designing their own books and showing them off. There are options to share the book through Facebook, email as a PDF, or share with other Picturebook users. I personally love the PDF option the best!

The app comes with pictures to use in the book. They are pretty cute and get the creativity going! Just click the add pictures on the top and drag …

Free Handwriting Resources

Free Handwriting Resources | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

Need free handwriting resources? I have the list just for you! Handwriting is such an important developmental skill. Not all kids love handwriting practice, so hopefully some of these resources will be a little different and can be helpful. Some of the them are more hands on activities, while others are practice sheets that are ready to print out. I also included a list of free handwriting apps too! I hope you will find these resources helpful for your kids/students!


35 non-worksheet ideas for kids who hate handwriting

Free Flashcard Apps

Free Flashcard Apps | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

These FREE flashcard apps provide kids with an interactive (and more fun) way to study! Flashcards can be such a great tool, but sometimes it’s tedious to write everything out on note cards and keep them organized. With these apps, you can quickly type in your information and get to studying in no time. You can create multiple decks of cards for different subjects too.

For younger students I suggest you fill out the note cards yourself, and then hand the app over for studying. Older students could definitely …

Free Sight Word Apps

Free Sight Word Apps | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

These FREE sight word apps will definitely help early readers in an interactive way! Students can practice their sight words on the go, at home, or in the classroom. These apps also provide great review and practice for older readers who struggle with memorizing sight words. Try a few of these out to see what apps best suit your child/student.

Some of these apps have ads, and usually you can purchase the full version for ad-free. I have noted which apps have ads and which don’t for your convenience. I …

Any.Do – The Ultimate To Do List App

Any.Do - The Ultimate To Do List App | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

The ultimate to do list app – Any.Do! I love to be organized, so I love to use tools that make that easier for me. I always have some kind of to-do list, whether it’s just in my head or on a sticky note on my desk. I needed a more efficient way, though still staying simple. I wanted to find an app to use that I could check things off my to do list, and be able to look at several …

Top Free Reading Apps

Top Free Reading Apps | Rachel K Tutoring Blog


These Top Free Reading Apps are a fun way for K-5 students to practice their reading skills! These definitely can come in handy during reading workshop, reading time at home, tutoring sessions, long road trips, etc. These apps provide practice with sight words, phonics, grammar, and more. I especially love the storybook apps where interactive stories are narrated. This will help struggling readers build fluency while they follow along. I like to use these in my tutoring sessions because sometimes they are just a bit more exciting than me …

Free Apps For Teachers

Apps aren’t just for kids! Teachers can use them too – for teaching, or just to make life a little easier in the classroom and at home. Here are ten free apps for teachers. They can be helpful in the classroom, homeschooling at home, or on the go.

*Note: these apps were all free at the time of this post. I can’t guarantee that they’ll all be free forever.

1. Dropbox – This is an all time favorite of mine. Want all of your …

Free Elementary Language Arts Apps

I like technology, and I like free things. Here are ten FREE language arts apps for elementary students. There are tons to choose from, but these are just my favorites. I have personally tried and tested these out!

*Note: these apps were all free at the time of this post. I can’t guarantee that they’ll all be free forever.

1. ABC Magic Phonics – This is a great app for the younger ones! A phonemic photo is matched to each letter of the alphabet. A …

Free Elementary Math Apps

The other day I was asked what math apps I would recommend for elementary-aged kids. None were really coming to my mind, so that motivated me to do a bit more research. Here are some FREE math apps that I have personally tried out on my own iPad. I have narrowed the list down to ten of my favorites, but there are plenty more out there (I would suggest finding some that have reviews already). There are also tons of good apps that cost money, …