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Any.Do – The Ultimate To Do List App

Any.Do - The Ultimate To Do List App | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

The ultimate to do list app – Any.Do! I love to be organized, so I love to use tools that make that easier for me. I always have some kind of to-do list, whether it’s just in my head or on a sticky noteĀ on my desk. I needed a more efficient way, though still staying simple. I wanted to find an app to use that I could check things off my to do list, and be able to look at several …

10 Ways To Stay Organized This Summer

10 Ways To Stay Organized This Summer | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

How will you stay organized this summer? School is already out, or it will be soon, and you’re swamped with papers, books, projects, clothes, you name it. Stuff can just pile up fast. Whether you are a teacher, a parent, or both, check out theseĀ 10 ways to stay organized this summer:

1. Keep a family calendar in the kitchen or another high traffic area. Print out a simple paper one, or use a fancy chalkboard or dry erase board. It can be as simple or complicated …

Staying Organized

I absolutely love to be organized, and I admit I’m a little obsessed with all things organizational. For example, I love those amazing bins/baskets with pretty fabric on the inside that come in different sizes. I see them all over, and I want want want. I limited myself and only got two of them for Christmas :)

I believe being organized can really benefit your home or classroom. For one thing, you can find things a lot easier. Your stuff doesn’t get lost …