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End of the Year Activities

End of the Year Activities | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

May is going by so fast! Here is a fun list of end of the year activities to do with your students. Try some minute to win it games, do a countdown with balloons, write an end of the year parent letter, and more. These are great ways to keep learning fun to the very end!


1. 20 End of the Year Reflection Questions

2. Year-End Activity: Career Photo Collage

3. Fun End of the School Year Ideas

4. 8 Great Activities for the End of the Year

5. Count …

National High Five Day!

National High Five Day! | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

Today is National High Five Day! This fun holiday started in 2002 at the University of Virginia. Students gave out high fives and lemonade, how fun! It is now celebrated on the 3rd Thursday of April. So today give your kids and students (and anyone really!) a high five. Tell them how fabulous they are! Here are just a few ideas for you:

1. Many schools are in a testing season now. Periodically walk by and high five your students. Let them know they can do it! …

Spring Writing Prompts

Spring Writing Prompts | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

Need some fresh writing ideas for spring? Try these 25 spring writing prompts to get students’ creativity going! These prompts are appropriate for grades K-5, and can be tweaked depending on skill levels. Try these during writing workshop, in a writing center, in a journal, or just extra writing practice at home. I love to see what creative things kids come up with when using these prompts!


1. Describe a spring day from a butterfly’s point of view.

2. What would you do if it rained non-stop for a …

Spring Cleaning My Blog

Spring Cleaning My Blog | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

Spring is here and I felt it was time to do some spring cleaning to my blog and logo! I like to keep things simple and clean, but everything definitely needed a change. I wanted to design a softer look, yet still keep some of the same design elements. So you’ll still see my teal circle and the same color palette, but now with gray. I really love how gray and teal look together! I also updated my main picture since I have a much better camera to …

Earth Day Activities

Earth Day Activities | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

Happy Earth Day! How are you celebrating today? You really can incorporate Earth Day activities all throughout the year. Try some of these out in the classroom or at home:

  • Plant seeds together in plastic cups or jars. Keep them by a windowsill. When they are getting too big for the containers, try planting them around the house or school if you’re able to!
  • Pick up trash around your school or neighborhood.
  • Start a community garden.
  • Go on a nature walk.
  • Recycle at home and at school. Make a graph to show …