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Spring Cleaning My Blog

Spring Cleaning My Blog | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

Spring is here and I felt it was time to do some spring cleaning to my blog and logo! I like to keep things simple and clean, but everything definitely needed a change. I wanted to design a softer look, yet still keep some of the same design elements. So you’ll still see my teal circle and the same color palette, but now with gray. I really love how gray and teal look together! I also updated my main picture since I have a much better camera to …

Free Flashcard Apps

Free Flashcard Apps | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

These FREE flashcard apps provide kids with an interactive (and more fun) way to study! Flashcards can be such a great tool, but sometimes it’s tedious to write everything out on note cards and keep them organized. With these apps, you can quickly type in your information and get to studying in no time. You can create multiple decks of cards for different subjects too.

For younger students I suggest you fill out the note cards yourself, and then hand the app over for studying. Older students could definitely …

Text Message Generator

Text Message Generator | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

Have you ever thought of using a text message generator as an educational tool? Give it a try with in the classroom or at home! It’s an iPhone text message screenshot generator that looks like the real thing. This tool is free and easy to set up. You decide who is talking and what the texts say. It’s such a great way to catch students’ attention! Plus they may think you’re all hip and trendy… but no guarantees, sorry :)

I have outlined in the steps below how to set …

Free Online Read-Alouds

Free Online Read-Alouds | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

If you are looking for free online read-aloud websites, I have just the list for you! All of these sites are free and provide kids with the opportunity to hear stories being read aloud. It is so very important for kids to be able to listen to great fluency to help build their own fluency. These read-aloud sites can be a great addition to your reading time at home or in school!

1. Storyline Online – this is one of my favorites! Click on a book and a well-known …

New to Instagram

New to Instagram | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

Are you new to Instagram? I sure am! I finally decided to make an Instagram account. I know I’m pretty late in the game, but better late than never right? My account is pretty bare right now as I’m trying to figure out what to post, so please be patient with me :) I’m hoping to post little tidbits about tutoring, what resources I’m working on for TPT, and just little things about myself too. I would love to connect with you on there, so …

Tsū – Social Media In A New Way

Tsu - Social Media In A New Way | Rachel K Tutoring Blog


Tsū is social media in a new way – have you heard of it? I found out about it through some of my teacher friends at, and it definitely piqued my interest. I know I don’t really blog about social media things, but this is something I am getting more and more excited about, so just thought I would share. Keep reading to find out more!


What Is Tsū?

Tsū, pronounced “sue”, is a free social media site that gives the revenue from ads back to you and the people who …

Free Sight Word Apps

Free Sight Word Apps | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

These FREE sight word apps will definitely help early readers in an interactive way! Students can practice their sight words on the go, at home, or in the classroom. These apps also provide great review and practice for older readers who struggle with memorizing sight words. Try a few of these out to see what apps best suit your child/student.

Some of these apps have ads, and usually you can purchase the full version for ad-free. I have noted which apps have ads and which don’t for your convenience. I …

Any.Do – The Ultimate To Do List App

Any.Do - The Ultimate To Do List App | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

The ultimate to do list app – Any.Do! I love to be organized, so I love to use tools that make that easier for me. I always have some kind of to-do list, whether it’s just in my head or on a sticky note on my desk. I needed a more efficient way, though still staying simple. I wanted to find an app to use that I could check things off my to do list, and be able to look at several …

Top Free Reading Apps

Top Free Reading Apps | Rachel K Tutoring Blog


These Top Free Reading Apps are a fun way for K-5 students to practice their reading skills! These definitely can come in handy during reading workshop, reading time at home, tutoring sessions, long road trips, etc. These apps provide practice with sight words, phonics, grammar, and more. I especially love the storybook apps where interactive stories are narrated. This will help struggling readers build fluency while they follow along. I like to use these in my tutoring sessions because sometimes they are just a bit more exciting than me …

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