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Summer Goals

Summer Goals | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

Here is a list of my summer goals – both for business and personal! If you’ve been around here you’ll know I love my lists. If you’re new, well now you know! This summer goals list is to keep myself accountable, but maybe you’ll like some of these ideas too for yourself. What are your summer goals? :)

Business Goals


  • Summer is usually more of my busy season for tutoring, so I need to make sure I continue to stay organized. I use my google calendar and spread …

Educational Minecraft Activities

Educational Minecraft Activities | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

If you have a child or student who plays Minecraft, then you’re going to love these free Educational Minecraft Activities! I have a couple of students who are totally into this game. I honestly didn’t know much about it, but one day I thought I might as well try to incorporate some Minecraft activities into our sessions to get them more excited! And boy did it work :) So here is a list of activities I found for both language arts and math. I wanted …

Reading at Home – Featured on Minds in Bloom!

Reading at Home - Featured on Minds in Bloom!

I am so excited that I have had the opportunity to guest post over at Minds in Bloom! I wrote about Tips for Encouraging Reading at Home. I also included a free printable that you can download from my Tpt store, so be sure to check it out! A big thank you to Rachel Lynette for letting me guest post, she’s a rock star :)

Be sure to check out the rest of her blog too because it’s packed full of fabulous resources!


Top 10 Popular Posts

Top 10 Popular Posts | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

To celebrate the end of 2014 and new beginnings, I wanted to share my top 10 popular posts! I can’t believe I have been blogging for almost a year now. It has definitely been a whirlwind and I have learned so much.

This year was packed with a lot of new things for me:

  • Started blogging for The Tutor House!
  • Created K-5 resources to sell in my Tpt store – a bit time consuming, but it’s so much fun :)
  • Worked on marketing and growing my tutoring business – something …

Math Resources at The Tutor House

Math Resources at The Tutor House | Rachel K Tutoring Blog



You can find all kinds of math resources (and more!) at The Tutor House, and I have such a fun opportunity to be a monthly contributor there! I found the Tutor House and its founder, Adrianne, over a year ago when I was researching to start my own tutoring business. I found tons of amazing information on her blog, and was hooked in no time. It also was fantastic to connect with her and other tutors, and I’ve learned so much from them.

Over the past …

Top Ten Educational Boards

Top 10 Educational Boards | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

Pinterest is a great way to find educational activities and ideas, especially in these top 10 educational boards! I admit I am a little bit obsessed with Pinterest, but I love how easy it is though. I can quickly find something I pinned a long time ago, and I can organize everything in different categories. I think it’s so much easier and efficient than just bookmarking those websites. I would have a whole mess of bookmarks, that’s for sure. So thank you Pinterest for making …

All About Whiteboards

All About Whiteboards | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

Whiteboards, or dry-erase boards, are a great tool to use in education, whether it’s in a whole group, small group, or one-on-one. I love to use whiteboards in my tutoring since paper and pencil can get a tad boring. Keep on reading for more reasons to use whiteboards, where you can get them, and great activities!


Why Use Whiteboards?

  • They provide a great way to quickly assess students’ understanding.
  • They are engaging.
  • They save some trees.
  • Less grading to do!
  • No prep! Just have a special place to store them, and …

10 Benefits Of Tutoring

10 Benefits Of Tutoring | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

There are many benefits of tutoring, but here are ten for you to really think about.

1. Tutoring offers a unique and individualized learning experience. Where else can you get that? Yes in the classroom sometimes, but that’s hard with 30 other students wanting and needing attention. Teachers are awesome, but sometimes kids may need a little bit more one-on-one time outside of the classroom, and tutoring is great for that! Tutors can customize the lessons and activities just for the student.

2. Tutoring can help battle the summer slide. Ever …

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