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Educational Minecraft Activities | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

If you have a child or student who plays Minecraft, then you’re going to love these free Educational Minecraft Activities! I have a couple of students who are totally into this game. I honestly didn’t know much about it, but one day I thought I might as well try to incorporate some Minecraft activities into our sessions to get them more excited! And boy did it work :) So here is a list of activities I found for both language arts and math. I wanted a place to keep these all organized for myself, and hopefully you’ll find it beneficial too!


Language Arts

Minecraft Bookmarks

FREE Printable Minecraft Handwriting Practice Worksheets

Minecraft /s, r, l/ blends 

8 Reading and Writing Activities for Kids who Love Minecraft

Minecraft Story Starters

Free Printable Minecraft CrossWord Search

10 free fix-it up Minecraft sentences

Minecraft writing prompts

More Minecraft writing prompts

Minecraft Story Map for Kids

FREE Lunchbox Notes: Minecraft Armor and more!

Learning Shakespeare with Minecraft?



Minecraft Dice Game

Minecraft Themed Hundreds Chart

Minecraft Addition and Subtraction 

FREE Minecraft Addition Worksheets Packet

FREE Minecraft Addition Worksheets

Minecraft Multiplication Flash Cards

Minecraft Multiplication and Division

Minecraft Multiplication Flashcards FREE Printables

Minecraft Math Problems

Mastering Math Facts with Minecraft

Math of Minecraft 5th Grade CC aligned Geometry

Minecraft Math: Distinguishing Area and Perimeter


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