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If you are looking for free online read-aloud websites, I have just the list for you! All of these sites are free and provide kids with the opportunity to hear stories being read aloud. It is so very important for kids to be able to listen to great fluency to help build their own fluency. These read-aloud sites can be a great addition to your reading time at home or in school!

1. Storyline Online  this is one of my favorites! Click on a book and a well-known person reads it along with sound/music and a dynamic video. Readers include James Earl Jones, Elijah Wood, Betty White, Bradley Whitford, Al Gore, and more!

2. National Geographic – listen and read along to over 30 issues of the NG Young Explorers! Each issue is packed with tons of fun animal facts and gorgeous photography. Kids will have to click along each page to listen. I love that the words are highlighted as they are being read!

3. Scholastic – kids can listen and read along with stories about the community, animals, and the President. Stories are not read automatically, so kids will have to click to listen to each part/page. There are no videos or animation, but real pictures are used!

4. Starfall  this site gives you four different reading levels to choose from: ABCs, Learn to Read, It’s Fun to Read, and I’m Reading. Each level has quite a few categories and stories to choose from. They are so fun and colorful! Stories aren’t read automatically, so kids will have to click on the arrows and the little ear icon on each page to listen.

5. PBS Kids – this site offers many fun stories to watch and listen to. On the left side you’ll see different categories to click on, including Folktales & Fables, Animals, Nature, Family, and more! Each category has a few different stories to choose from. Most of them are short and sweet.

6. Barnes & Noble – did you know Barnes & Noble has read-aloud videos for some of their books? They are read by authors and celebrities. This link takes you to a list of all of the storytime books. (Most have the videos, but there are a couple in there that don’t for some reason.) Once you click on the book, scroll down to the overview part and you’ll see a video there to click on.

Here are some of my favorites:

Green Eggs and Ham

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie


The Kissing Hand

Charlie the Ranch Dog

Splish, Splash, Splat!

Guess How Much I Love You

7. Just Books Read Aloud – this site has a ton of books that are read aloud – almost 600! I like how you can browse books by various categories and reading levels. The quality of the videos aren’t as great as some of the other sites, and you can’t always see the words to follow along. They are still fun to listen to though!

8. iStory Books – there are 12 free books about animals and other classic books to choose from. The illustrations are colorful and bright, and I like the narration of them.

9. Curious George – kids can follow along to two Curious George books. The books are automatically read and highlight the words as they go. To access more books, you have to register, but at least it’s free!

10. Storynory – this one is a little different than the others, as it just includes the audio files and text of the stories. There aren’t any videos or animation, usually just one picture. The nice feature it has is that you can download the audio files!

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  • Darlene Jones-Hardwick

    I am now a 4th grade teacher and having these sites are valuable for the fluency and support my students will need.

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