Sight Word Bingo Boards

Sight Word Bingo Boards | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

Need a fun and simple way to review sight words? Try these Sight Word Bingo boards! These boards are ready to print and go, and each set comes with 30 unique boards. This way you won’t have like 15 kids at once shouting out bingo! These are also great for small groups or centers too. What a great way to review sight words!

There are 5 sets of bingo boards using the Dolch sight words: Pre-Primer, Primer, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade. I also created a bundle of all the sets at a 20% discount!


I included two different ways to call out the sight words: just a simple list, and calling cards to cut out and shuffle. So if you’re in a hurry (let’s be honest, that’s most of us!) you can just randomly call words off the list. If you have more time maybe you want to use the calling cards, either for the whole class or even for a center. So many options!

Sight Word Bingo Boards | Rachel K Tutoring Blog

A blank Bingo board is also included so that students can set them up with the words you choose. If you want longer durability for the bingo boards, I suggest putting them in clear protective sheets or laminating them.

Check out the rest of my sight word activities for more fun practice!

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