The Ultimate List Of Math Manipulatives

The Ultimate List Of Math Manipulatives | Rachel K Tutoring BlogWhat are math manipulatives? These are objects that students can use to learn math concepts in a hands-on and interactive way. These physical models can help to make abstract ideas more concrete. Reading about math in text can be hard for students, but physically touching math ideas can make math come alive!

You can buy math manipulatives, make them yourself, or find them around your house! Maybe you already have some, but need a few more ideas.

The Ultimate List of Math Manipulatives

  • Base ten blocks
  • Tangrams
  • Cuisenaire rods
  • Pattern blocks
  • Five and ten frames
  • Place value mats
  • Play money
  • Puzzle pieces
  • Tape measure
  • Number line
  • Magnet numbers
  • Beans
  • Coins
  • Buttons
  • Spinners
  • Teddy bear counters
  • Dominoes
  • Mini clocks
  • Plastic plates, cups
  • Ruler
  • Yard/meter stick
  • Mathlink/snap/unifix cubes
  • Fraction circles
  • Legos
  • Number cards
  • Hundreds board
  • Dry erase board
  • Fraction tiles
  • Number tiles
  • Beads & bracelet
  • Geoboards and rubber bands
  • 3D shapes
  • Popsicle or craft sticks
  • Chips or counters
  • Pocket chart with number cards
  • M&M’s
  • Skittles
  • Dry cereal
  • Erasers
  • Chocolate bar for fractions
  • Pens & pencils
  • Dice
  • Playing cards
  • Clay
  • Play dough

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